Your questions answered at FlyPharma Asia

Are you a pharma representative with questions about the handling of your products? Maybe you’re a cargo professional who would like a deeper insight into how to go the extra mile for your clients?

FlyPharma Asia workshops are a great opportunity to ask specific questions about the pharmaceutical supply chain – and have them answered by a range of experienced pharma and cargo professionals. Read on to find out how ask your own question and claim a free ticket…

What will be included in the workshops?

WORKSHOP 1: What can I learn from the airport community?
Both pharma and cargo stakeholders can benefit from understanding each other better. Discover the best ways to create thriving airport communities, including:

  • Ensuring open communication throughout your supply chain
  • Handling new and existing regulations as a community
  • Staying one step ahead of client/partner demands
  • Preventing temperature excursions
  • Best ways to safely share data
  • How to avoid weak links
  • What do you wish your partners understood about your role?


WORKSHOP 2: Are you ready for change?
Make sure you are aware of change within your industry and not falling behind. Topics include:

  • Keeping up with growing demand from clients
  • Anticipating industry trends
  • Upcoming regulations
  • Latest supply chain technology
  • When to take a risk with a new product/strategy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Certification


These learning sessions will be led by FlyPharma Chair, Rafik H. Bishara, PhD, who, in addition to a distinguished 35-year career at Eli Lilly & Co, has served on the boards of a range of major cold chain and cargo companies, is an advisor to WHO and a member of the US Pharmacopeia Expert Panel, and has authored numerous technical articles. Dr Bishara is perfectly placed to answer and moderate any questions about your supply chain. View his full profile here.

Do you have questions about your pharma supply chain that you’d like answered by in-the-know pharma and cargo professionals?

Then email them to If we decide to feature your question in a workshop at FlyPharma Asia, we will give you a free ticket to attend the conference and discuss the answer with FlyPharma delegates.