What did delegates have to say about FlyPharma Asia 2018?

The FlyPharma Conference Asia took place on 5-6 March 2018 in Hong Kong. We asked all delegates to supply feedback on their experience before and during the conference, asking them to rate a range of categories as ‘exceptional’, ‘very good’, ‘average’, ‘fair’ or ‘poor’, and gave room for additional comments. Here’s what they said:


General Impressions and Level of Service

We received a high level of excellent feedback for FlyPharma Asia. Impressions of the event, venue, food, staff, booking and general level of service were overall positive. 80% of delegates said that their impression of the venue was ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’. 85% rated their experience of service and information from event staff as ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’.


Sessions, Topics and Speakers

Across the board, sessions (including panels, workshops, presentations and the site tour) received an overall rating of 84% ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’.

Delegates particularly enjoyed the fact that topics were very specific/focused and appreciated the discussions about temperature-controlled logistics. The panel sessions on Day 2 were a great success, with many delegates commenting that they added value to the agenda and allowed for more inclusive discussions.

A number of delegates commented that former Teva director Yoram Eshel’s presentation highlighted areas that are not completely protected in the logistics processing and was “most relevant to the industry”. They felt it was “good to understand more from a shipper’s point of view”. The inclusion of real data within Seabury Consulting’s Daniel dos Reis Miranda’s presentation was highly appreciated, with one delegate commenting that this data “is very important for the industry, but hard to get”.

All sessions ran on time during the conference.


The Chair

There was a lot of positive feedback about FlyPharma’s Chair, Rafik H. Bishara, PhD; he was judged to be an experienced moderator with “excellent knowledge”. Delegates appreciated his ability to “drive the discussion in an effective manner” and his sharing of his own experience of the pharma industry.



There was a good level of interactivity during the conference – 100% of delegates who gave feedback felt they were given an opportunity to take part in the event’s discussions.


Networking Event/Entertainment

We received a lot of positive feedback regarding the evening Networking Dinner and entertainment on Day 1. 90% of delegates rated the standard of the networking event and entertainment as ‘very good’ or ‘exceptional’.


Delegates Returning

100% of delegates said that based on their experience at FlyPharma Asia 2018, they would be likely to attend FlyPharma Asia in 2019, or one of our other conferences (FlyPharma Europe 2018; FlyPharma US 2018). Additionally, they all said that they would recommend FlyPharma to a colleague or associate.


To find out more about FlyPharma Asia, register your interest for the 2019 event, or book your place at FlyPharma Europe or FlyPharma US, email rhian@samedanltd.com. You can also read a review of FlyPharma Asia 2018 here.