Today’s biggest challenges for the pharma supply chain

There are a variety of challenges that face the pharmaceutical supply chain and its stakeholders daily. Both pharma and logistics companies need to be aware of all potential problems and be equipped with the strategies to deal with them if they are to make their supply chain efficient, cost-effective and reliable.


The FlyPharma Conference Asia 2018 aims to tackle the industry’s top challenges head-on and examine them in detail. We’ve summarized the six most pressing issues up for discussion on 5-6 March in Hong Kong – read on to find out how our thought-leading speakers will be sharing their solutions:



Collaboration concerns

Lack of transparency, mistrust and an unwillingness to share data can be a huge challenge for this global industry and its many moving parts. To create a resilient, adaptable and successful supply chain, strong coordination and effective collaboration are key goals.

Don’t miss: Nathan De Valck, Chairman of Pharma.Aero, revealing his top tips for ‘Making a pharma partnership work’.


Putting patients first

Supply chain management for clinical trials is difficult to get right. The smallest detail could result in a patient leaving a trial due to delays or inaccessibility, and they can even be put at risk if products are damaged during transit. Better use of new technologies and greater proactivity can vastly improve the experience for both sites and patients.

Don’t miss: Emily Tan, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Account Group Lead, PAREXEL International, talking us through how we can all take advantage of new approaches in ‘Next steps for pharma logistics in Asia


Market place awareness

With pharma supply chains operating across multiple countries, it is imperative that all stakeholders are aware of the unique challenges confronting them in every location. What is needed is a clear understanding of the global pharma market and where you fit into it.

Don’t miss: Dirk de Rooij, Commercial Director at Seabury Consulting, with an analysis of the part China and APAC regions play on a worldwide stage in ‘Business is booming’.


Temperature control

Pharmaceutical products can be exposed to a wide range of temperature extremes during their journey – these can occur due to a natural disaster, an unexpected shift in weather conditions, or simply too long on the tarmac in the wrong season. The ability to maintain a constant temperature is critical to ensure drug effectiveness and quality, requiring supply chains to be adaptable to any circumstance from end to end.

Don’t miss: Yoram Eshel, former Senior Director, Head of Global Transportation and Logistics at Teva, advising how all supply chain partners can make sure they are ready for every eventuality in ‘Logistics control in climate and weather extremes’.


Maintaining standards

Adherence to and compliance with worldwide regulations is absolutely necessary across the whole supply chain. With new legislation continually coming into effect, it is essential that you are aware of all compliance developments and how they can affect your business.

Don’t miss: Accreditation such as the ‘IATA CEIV Pharma program’ provides the tools you need to meet these regulations and not just comply, but exceed expectations, as IATA’s Assistant Director, Ronald R. Schaefer, will explain.


Supply chain strategy

Creating a flexible and holistic supply chain strategy can allow companies to keep better control over processes, enhance communication and reduce costs. But how do you successfully implement this kind of approach company-wide and justify the value-add to all your partners?

Don’t miss: Adel Senna, Global Supply Chain Optimisation Director at GSK, explaining how you can ‘Deliver year-on-year cost reduction by 5-10% through driving end-to-end supply chain transformation and simplification’.




Find out more about these topics and much more at the FlyPharma Conference Asia, taking place in Hong Kong on 5-6 March 2018. Click here to view the full agenda, or learn about our expert speakers here.




The second FlyPharma Conference Asia will take place on 27- 28 March 2019. In collaboration with Hong Kong International Airport, our Host Partner, FlyPharma Asia will provide a platform for industry experts to network and discuss the pharma supply chain’s hot (and cold!) topics in a lively and motivational manner.

Expert speakers will offer valuable insights into the pharmaceutical supply chain, with original approaches to global and regional issues. To learn about the latest innovations and developments within the industry, and to network with the sharpest minds in the pharma and cargo sectors, email today to register your interest or book your place at FlyPharma Asia 2019.