FlyPharma is back, bigger and better than ever. Extending to three regional events in 2018, our aim is to cover global supply chain challenges and discuss how they impact local and national demands.


Aimed at forward-thinking individuals and businesses, the FlyPharma conferences will assemble a plethora of industry experts to address and examine the pharma supply chain’s hot (and cold!) topics in a lively and motivational manner. 


This is not ‘just another conference’. With content that promises to be candid, contentious and challenging, these events have been conceived as a completely fresh approach to the pharma cargo sector. FlyPharma‘s objective is to highlight common industry logistics issues and, by doing so, stimulate a more inclusive dialogue among various supply chain stakeholders. 


Each conference is unique and individual, tailored to the needs and issues of the pharma and cargo companies that work in each region but with a view to wider industry themes.


The format of the conferences has been configured to encourage dialogue, bring people together and enable them to forge lasting relationships. These events will appeal to stakeholders throughout the pharma supply chain, so why not come along and engage with the industry’s movers, shakers and innovators? Listen to enthusiastic and educational presentations, both strategic and operational alike.  


Those who attend a FlyPharma conference are sure to leave with a clear appreciation of the main issues impacting the pharma and air cargo sectors, an understanding of how these affect all parties in different ways, and with a wealth of valuable new contacts.



FlyPharma回來了,比以往更大、更好。 2018FlyPharma將擴展爲三個地區的會議活動,我們的目標是應對全球供應鏈所面對挑戰,討論它們如何影響當地和國際需求。




這並非只是另一個會議。FlyPharma 將通過坦誠的有爭議性和挑戰性的會議內容,以全新視角去審視藥品供應鏈




會議匯聚業界人士,鼓勵對話,促進建立長久的關係。 FlyPharma將吸引整個藥品供應鏈中的持份者,為何不跟隨加入到業界的推動者,撼動者和創新者中呢?請觀看當中別具教育性、涵蓋戰略性和實際操作的的演講。