Your quick guide to FlyPharma 2016: Part One


Coming to FlyPharma 2016? Here’s everything you need to know

The Venue: Located just 39 steps (a great book incidentally!) from the airport, the Sheraton Brussels Airport is a stylish, modern hotel which makes for the perfect venue for a conference like FlyPharma. With overwhelmingly positive reviews on TripAdvisor, excellent food and drink offerings and free WiFi throughout, it is ideal for a short stay. Its conference rooms are bright, airy and allows for easy interaction and dialogue.

Day 1 Programme: FlyPharma kicks off with an introductory address by chair Mark Blanchard from the BioPhorum Operations Group. Mark is followed by the opening keynote from Frank Beckx at essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries.

Next up, we have Ludovic Ménédème, from UCB Biopharma, on how to deal with the compliance and complexity in pharma shipping.

Following a quick presentation by our sponsors, Ethiopian Airlines, and a quick coffee break, we join Andrew Lester, from Expeditors, who tackles the issue of moving towards an integrated approach to GDP compliance. He is followed by Nallian CEO, Jean Verheyan, who will discuss how we can use the plethora of data available to us to drive efficiencies in the supply chain. After a short presentation rom DuPont, lunch is then served.

Gino Vleugels, from Johnson and Johnson, begins the afternoon session with an engaging look at the clinical supply situation in West Africa during the Ebola crisis. This is followed by a panel discussion on modal shift and the emerging trends in pharma shipping.

Expert speakers on Supply chain security and multimodal pharma consolidation close the presentations for day one.

Networking evening: The evening of day 1 offers an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and peers – both old and new – during our pre-dinner drinks and networking dinner, which all delegates can attend. You can discuss current trends, emerging markets and find your next industry partnership in this gathering of like-minded individuals in the stunning surroundings of the Sheraton. The relaxed atmosphere of this networking evening is one of the many aspects that gives FlyPharma 2016 that extra edge.

We’re really looking forward to having you as part of that.

Part 2 in our guide to FlyPharma 2016 will be out next week!

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